△ : Our Vision : ▼

Spin the thread of life
Do you feel your time is your “living”time?

Happiness should not be defined in thefuture diversified society.

However, there is a time limit on human longevity. If you are out of health, you may lose timeto live life in your own way. People can know the best way to use timefor themselves through the relationship between things. We aim to make comfortable time people allover the world can feel their time is their “living” time, and establish society which people can spin their thread of life.

△ : Our Mission : ▼

Co-Creation of "WAKAZO Pavilion"
with youth around the world.
Realizing Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai.
This project "WAKAZO", 2025 Japan World Expo Committee Secretariat supports us officially.We are now trying to realize the dream -- the Expo with members from more than 40 countries.

The venue concept of Osaka Expo is "Envisioning Future Society."

We consider what “Future society” is from various academic points like medicine and architecture.
We ask people “What future society should be?” with youth around the world.
We realize “WAKAZO Pavilion” as a laboratory on the Expo in order to find the answers of these questions.

△ : Our Lab's Theme : ▼

Ask the relationship
between human and things
Human beings are creatures of choosing. Then,when they choose?

People have evolved by creating and usingthings skillfully.
In previous Expo, people exhibited theircreations and visitors looked future society through the creations.

From now on, it is not enough to create and use things.
There will be coexistence of human and things.
What is humanity? We want to answer this question by redefinition of relationship between human and things.


WAKAZO 1.0 Promotion Video