vol.5 Japanese WAKAZO culture

written by Yuka Yabumoto

Hello. This time we will talk about Japanese WAKAZO culture. WAKAZO means young people in Japanese. We introduce some youths’ cultures catch on near future in this report.

【Anime and Manga】
Japan is famous as a world leading Anime and Manga culture country.
There are many popular works which have been long cherished by people in all generations regardless of age or gender.
In 2007, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs established International Manga Award. 

This award was established for spreading Japanese Manga culture to the world, many works are applied every year. Recently, various Anime events are held at home and abroad, people who like Anime meet and enjoy there.

【Japanese Tea・Japanese Confectionery】
Sado is widely known as Japanese traditional culture, and Japanese tea including Maccha becomes popular among young Japanese people. This is because there are some Japanese tea shop and Maccha or Houjicha flavored sweets nowadays.
Also, Japanese Confectionery is familiar with youth and becomes a hot item at convenience stores.

Budo is one of the Japanese traditional cultures as Sado, but most of Japanese have never done it except for P.E. lesson.
These days, there is a new fitness “B.I.F BY NERGY,” promotes Budo culture to young generation.  

Mediation, taken in this program, is reevaluated as a new way of thinking methodically in the mindfulness boom. In this way, the process of integrating some existing cultures and creating new culture is very interesting.

This is only a part of Japanese culture.
The concept of 2025 Osaka Expo is “People’s Living Lab.”
We want to realize “laboratory” where various cultures and ideas are fused in the Expo with young people all over the world. It would be great if Expo visitors could exchange views each other and create future society together!