Osaka wins race to host Expo 2025!!

BIE164 was held in Paris on Nov. 24th and Osaka won 3-way race over 2 rounds voting.
At the first voting, Baku was eliminated (Osaka got more than 50% votes) and at the second rounds, Osaka got 92 votes out of 153!

↓You can see the fininal presentations of the candidates on Youtube!

We WAKAZO have worked for around two years. We have two goals, first: “realizing Osaka Expo 2025” and second: realizing “WAKAZO Pavilion” 
We now achieved at the first step!!

From now on, we work to realize WAKAZO Pavilion.

First, we are going to submit “WAKAZO declaration” to Osaka prefecture at “inochi Gakusei Mirai Forum 2018” on Nov.25th in Osaka.
You can participate it without entry. Don’t miss the wave, “Osaka Expo 2025”!!