vol.6 Japanese Pokemon culture

written by Koichiro Seko

Hello. In this report, I introduce about Pokemon, which is popular not only in Japan but also in the world. And it will be a guide of Osaka Expo 2025.
I think all of you have heard the name of “Pokemon” before.
If you don’t know it, I explain below.

“What is Pokemon?”
It is the mysterious creature whose ecology is not revealed。Some live together with human, while others live in greenfield, cave, and the sea. And above all Pokemon is so cute! It cheers me up a lot.

↓In the below, I put the URL of website that some cute Pokemons are introduced. 

Then, there is the enticing movie that some Pokemons guide Osaka Expo.

If this movie becomes real, how it would be exciting! By watching this movie, I wish I could go such a world. Games have more actuality sense.

Here I tell you about some Pokemons which would be guides of Osaka Expo.

It is the most popular character in Pokemon. He is small and yellow, designed in the motif of squirrel. He attacks his rival with electricity, and cries like “Pikapika” or “Pikachu.”
By the way, the left image is a design of Japanese Pikachu. Actually, Pikachu design varies by country. It is a subtle difference…if you come to Japan, please compare Pikachu in detail.
Furthermore, Pokemon generally evolves as growing up, Pikachu also had an evolved form named “Gaochu” at the very beginning. But it was rejected because the looks of Gaochu was too scary like the God of Thunder.

The salient features are long rabbit-like ears and long hair like a neckpiece. He is mysterious because he has many evolved forms. The name is originated from the word “evolution.”

[At last]
How was the report? Did you find your favorite Pokemon?
It is said that there is about 800 Pokemons now. If Osaka Expo will realize, everyone can go to find Pokemon to Japan! There are a lot of Pokemon we don’t know yet. Please search your favorite Pokemon, and look forward to seeing them in Osaka Expo 2025!