vol.3 2015 Osaka Expo and SDGs

written by Yuka Yabumoto

In the last WAKAZO report. We talked about “SDGs.”
In this report, we are going to take about SDGs!

[ What is SGDs? ]
First of all, do you know about SDGs?
SDGs stands for “Sustainable Development Goals”, which are international aims from 2016 to 2030, and it was determined at UN summit in September 2015. These goals can be categorized into 17 sections. We can call them “the world greatest goals.” Each goal holds more specific goals. In other words, SDGs consists 17 big goals and 169 targets.

Interested in SGDs? If so, Click the link billow. 

[Osaka EXPO 2025 and SGDs]
As you know, SDGs are aims we should achieve by 2030, five years after Osaka EXPO.
Anyway, it was said that Osaka EXPO will be clue of SDGs at 161st BIE assembly.

The theme of EXPO 2025 is “People’s Living Lab”: people from around the world exchange their ideas, and we will create future world together.

We hope that Osaka EXPO will be the place where participants find their answer to following questions.
-What can we do for general problems like SGDs?
-What the ideal future which we [envision] is like?

It would be wonderful if we not only enjoy EXPO but also make full use of things we will learn from EXPO.

[At last]
Thank you for your reading this article!
We are happy if you feel SDGs closer.
See you soon!