Vol.2 Influence of Expo on society

written by Koichiro Seko

In this report, we will tell about impact of Expo on social system.

1 What the past expo gave us?
Through Shanghai expo, Chinese transport infrastructure was developed and people could be proud of this achievement.
Furthermore, in the Expo year, international conference are more frequently held than usual. It makes a good communication between nations and contributes to the development of many countries.
Expo has also a great economic influence because Expo is a good chance for the marketing of domestically produced products or the nation’s branding.

2 What Osaka Expo will give us?
If Expo were held in Osaka 2025, it will be a focus of public attention because it is the second time that Expo takes place in Osaka.
In addition, the theme of Osaka Expo is “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.” With this chance, the world will make advances in human health studies, and many people will discuss the issues about health or longevity which are a fundamental theme for human.
Participating countries can establish cultural exchanges and promote mutual understanding during Expo, and it finally leads an international peace.
Then, Expo will promote market expansion or creation of new products in health field. Also the regenerative medicine will be developed, we can expect to realize the growth strategy.
How was this report? We are glad if you know how strong Expo’s influence is, and what the merit of Osaka Expo is. Thank you for reading.