vol.4 “Society5.0”

written by Koichiro Seko

Hello, I’m Koichiro Seko, a member of WAKAZO project.
We want to tell you about how Japan works together with other countries, and how WAKAZO makes a contribution to lure the Expo.

First, Society 5.0 means the latest society which can solve both social issues and economic issues by using the system, a marriage of cyber (virtual) space and physical (real) space. This society originates in a hunting and gathering society (Society1.0), an agriculture-based society (Society 2.0), an industrialized society (Society 3.0), and an information society (Society 4.0). Our country advocated that Society 5.0 should be achieved in the future in the Fifth Science and Technology Basic Plan.
As its name suggests, a hunting and gathering society is that people hunted to survive in the Paleolithic period and Jomon period. Then, an agriculture-based society is people farmed to survive just like the name. An industrialized society means the era of mass production and mass consumption results from the industrialization. Finally an information society is that a large amount of information is constantly produced, accumulated, and propagated through rapid information processing by computer and transmitting information to a wide range by various communication media.

The above is the explanation of Society 1.0 to 4.0. We will now talk about the main theme Society 5.0. First, please see an official movie by the Japanese government below.

You can see from this movie, there are something realized but it takes more time to mechanize all of human’s daily life. However, personally I think the change caused by Society 5.0 is something like the change of the purpose of high school. We go to high school not for studying but for learning practical communication voluntarily.

Then you may think where we should study. We think it’s on the Internet. You can select the teacher fits you from many alternatives on the Internet, so the efficiency of study may be improved. Also there are some bullying and truancy problems in Japanese school. It is caused by a fixed idea that “people must go to school.” People can study whenever they like on the Internet. This tendency will increase in the future.

The things utilized in Society 5.0 are Drone, automatic operation device, remote control robot, and so on. Now, there is a demonstration of Drone delivery service is held in USA. In Japan, it’s still not realized due to some regulations, but it will be realized in the near future because the number of home delivery servers is on the decrease recently in Japan.
Also Japan has the problem of aging population, so we should try to use automatic driving technology early. This technology allow us to go anytime anywhere.

Osaka Expo will be a big sign post for the development of Japanese Society 5.0.