WAKAZO Reports vol.1 
World Expo? Osaka?

written by Haruki Osato

Hello ,ambassadors! We will tell the current walk of Osaka World Expo and WAKAZO in this communication.

Expo in Osaka??
What is Expo?

After technical development, information society, globalization, problems such as poverty, education, health, etc. have changed into a problem common to mankind.
For example, the theme of Expo 2005 in Aichi is "Nature's Wisdom", which deals with the environment and humans.
Likewise, the theme of the Expo in Milan in 2015 was "Feeding The Planet, Energy For Life", which deals with hunger and biodiversity.
How about 2025? What will be common among all mankind in the year which comes closer to 5 years until 2030 to achieve the "Sustainable Development Goals" (hereinafter: SDGs) set by the United Nations?

What kind of future will be drawn at Osaka Expo?

"Design of future life shining bright future society" This is the theme of Expo Osaka! In Osaka, the candidate for the World Expo, it is regarded as "health" that is common to mankind. . In the Kansai area, there are 79 universities, 68 research institutes and over 1,000 companies in the healthcare field, and they are bringing about life innovation by cooperating with each other. . The know-how on health necessary for all people to live as human beings is packed in Kansai
In order to shine every "life" all over the world, and to achieve the SDGS set by the United Nations by 2030, the value of doing the expo in the Kansai where its know-how is packed is great. While wishing for such a future that "everyone lives healthy regardless of age and area, we are doing activities of invitation.

THIS IS Osaka,Kansai

This is a video made by the Japanese government! In the first place, many people do not know Osaka, Kansai ,probably. This place is filled with lively atmosphere in areas full of humanity and Japanese culture! By all means please go!
If you are interested in Osaka · Kansai more please check the URL below! It's a really nice place!


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